Six Steps To Knocking Out A Heavyweight

Six Steps To Knocking Out A Heavyweight

images1. Study –
Get completely under the skin of the big guy. Find his strengths and especially his weaknesses. Know everything he does – how he operates from top to bottom. And what his customers don’t like about how Goliath operates

2. Find that niche –
Spot the thing Goliath hasn’t thought about. Then create something new and individual that neatly fills the gap.

3. Choose your tactics –
Never attack at Goliath’s point of strength. David won by using a sling shot when Goliath expected to be fighting hand-to-hand with a sword.

4. Try very hard –
David’ trump card is his enthusiasm, commitment and energy. It gives him more attentive customer service, quicker thought processes and the ability to execute faster than the lumbering Goliath and his time-serving cohorts

5. Be small –
But always be professional. Small can be cute but it must never be amateurish.

6. Plan your payoff –
When you’re good and ready and the Goliath in your marketplace is becoming irritated by you nibbling at his ankles, impressing his customers and starting to reduce his profits, consider selling out to him – assuming he’s still alive and kicking.


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