What We Do

We improve business performance.

Our focus is to help your business achieve higher performance. But what does ‘higher performance’ actually mean?

It is often described as working smarter rather than working harder. Yet working smarter is not always the answer, especially if what you are working smarter to achieve is not in line with what your customers actually want.

Simplifying the complexity, however, produces measurable benefits!

Many organisations run countless initiatives without defining specific goals or understanding how these initiatives impact on staff and the business as a whole. The results are frequently disappointing.

Higher performance working is about refreshing your business model and strategy to ensure that it remains accurately focused and valid. It means that your management and administration systems are efficient and cost effective, and that your staff have all the competencies necessary for the profitable running of your business.

The Roadmap to Higher Performance

Our strategic approach is designed to transform you business into a leaner, fitter and more profitable organisation. It comes in four parts:

Business Challenge Mapping

Sets out your business vision and values – what you want to achieve and how.

  • Identifies your highest priority objectives
  • Defines the critical success factors necessary to achieve them
  • Ensures that conditions essential for success are clearly understood

Click here to Download the Business Challenge Mapping PDF

Organisation Fit for Purpose

Builds systems and processes that help you take advantage of your position in the market place, as well as overcome potential obstacles and pitfalls. We do this by identifying:

  • The roles needed to effectively manage your business’s current and future needs
  • The skills and experiences necessary to fulfill these roles effectively
  • Which roles need to be full-time, part-time or could be outsourced completely, or in part

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Lean Management

Cuts out unnecessary resources and paperwork that clog up your business, thereby increasing efficiency.

  • Maps each stage of every management and administration system to identify those that add value and those which are simply a costly waste
  • Clearly identifies what actions need be taken to improve performance and reduce costs

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An Engaged Workforce

Develops an environment where employees enjoy their work and contribute more productively to the business. We do this by:

  • Defining the specific skills and knowledge your people must have in order to deliver higher performance
  • Aligning the development of people with the development of processes
  • Identifying cost-effective approaches to development, making use of relevant work-based learning opportunities
  • Providing effective performance management

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Assessing the ROI of Training

The evaluation of training is inherently believed to be a good thing. But, because short term priorities always crowd out their longer term competitors, it’s typically something we plan to do better next year. In this guide you’ll find information on:

  • Assessing the ROI of training.
  • Forecasting and measuring costs.
  • Forecasting and measuring benefits.
  • Calculating return on investment.
  • Making ROI work for you.

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