Let us be your Inukshuk!

Welcome to AL Consulting. We are a team of business management consultants and mentors who can help your business to thrive.

Based near Lancaster, we’ve helped hundreds of organisations throughout the North West and further afield to focus their strategic thinking and perform better. We do this by harnessing creativity and innovation – qualities that change the way people approach work.

Since 1986 our team has made the difference to all sorts of businesses from those that just want reassurance and a quick company ‘healthcheck’ to businesses that are experiencing deep rooted and serious issues, putting them in real danger of failing.

Who we can help

At AL Consulting, we work with organisations of all sizes and in all sectors but we have particular expertise in supporting owner-managers whose businesses have grown to the size that they need to delegate to another tier of management without losing control, or are not performing as well as expected. We have used an Inukshuk as our logo because it really does summarise what we do – we’ve been there before and we can help your business to thrive.

“An Inukshuk is a traditional Arctic landmark – a stone pile that represents a person, stood in a wilderness without trees and few distinguishing features. They are beacons for travellers that say, “I’ve been here before you. I can show you the right path.”

Let us be your Inukshuk!

Founded in 1986, AL Consulting was created to help organisations to focus their strategic thinking so that they can perform better.

Whether you need help reshaping your business to make it more effective or have to deal with a specific issue, such as conflict resolution, our expert consultants can design a programme that fits your timescale and budget.

Over the years, we have gained a reputation for our imaginative and practical guidance, helping clients resolve difficult issues and move their businesses forward. All our consultancy work is carried out by Certified Management Consultants in accordance with the ethics of the Institute of Consulting.

Take a look through our site and get in touch to discuss how we can help your organisation become a better place to do business.

What We Do

We can help your business to perform better and help you to reduce operating costs.


How We Work

 If you are worried about your business then contact us for a chat. We have years of experience helping businesses to turn around.


Our Videos

The Roadmap to Higher Performance.

In this series of videos, our director, Fred Ayres, will talk you through the process of our unique Roadmap programme and why you will benefit.


Case Summaries

We’ve consulted for and mentored hundreds of businesses over the years – click below to read some of our case studies.


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