Many organisations change processes in order to improve efficiency and are frequently disappointed when the anticipated benefits do not fully materialise. This is usually because they have not taken steps to change the behaviours of the people performing the processes. Here are some tips to doing this.

Stage Actions to take

(unaware of, or in denial of the position)


Raise awareness of the position and the consequences of not taking action. Support this with data and feedback.

(aware of the problem and the desired behavioural change)

Ensure the value of the desired change, both to the individual as well as the business, is clearly understood.

Engender confidence that the person and the team have the ability to enact the required changes.



(intends to take action)


Identify and discuss the options for change.


Devise an action plan.


Identify and agree appropriate metrics.



(practices the desired behaviours)

Ensure management fully supports the implementation.

(works to sustain the behaviour change)

Measure and review metrics regularly.




(reverts to old habits)