personal-profilingTo many people, psychometric profiling is a black art which ranks alongside astrology and graphology (analysis of handwriting). However modern psychometric tools are based on mainstream psychological research, empirical studies, and have a proven successful track record.

Personal profiling provides an insight into a person’s behavioural and communication styles and the values that drive that behaviour. In today’s increasingly team driven and intimate workplace, leaders and followers interact much more closely and clashes in behavioural styles surface more regularly with more damaging results. How many of the business problems and challenges that you have faced over recent months have been more of an issue of who, not what, was involved?

Personal profiles can be used in many ways, the most frequent being in recruitment and selection exercises. Here the profile provides additional information about the candidate, which cannot usually be obtained from CVs or interviews.

They can also provide an invaluable aid to self-development where having a sound understanding of oneself makes it much easier to understand and communicate with others.

Where everyone in a team has their own personal profile and is prepared to share at least parts of it with their team members, team work inevitably improves measurably.

Personal profiles can also make a significant contribution to the resolution of conflict. Once people have a sound understanding of what is driving their behaviour and how this is likely to be perceived by others, a way forward can usually be found.