Anywhere but HR!

Anywhere but HR!

Recent research claims that over half of UK business leaders are worried about their ability to do their job but few would look to HR for support. The research shows that many senior staff have the desire and talent to perform well but believe they still need help to improve their skills, especially when it comes to forming better company relationships.

However, even though a quarter of leaders feel their anxiety is impacting their performance, spouses or partners are most likely to be the first to know, followed by direct managers and then personal coaches. Just 2% said they would confide their fears to someone in the HR department.

The research concludes that whilst the personal support of family is vitally important, it is also imperative that leaders believe they can turn to someone for professional advice and assistance and that organisations must ensure their leaders are fully supported throughout their career, especially when they are directly responsible for the business success of the company.


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