82% of Managers Have No Formal Management Qualifications

82% of Managers Have No Formal Management Qualifications

Managers(Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)

Many managers start their careers as something else – accountant, engineer, sales executive etc – and at some point find themselves appointed as a manager.

Most will be well qualified and experienced in the technical aspects of their role but will lack any formal management knowledge or training. Whilst this may not prove too much of a disadvantage at an operational level, it can produce significant problems when they are promoted to higher levels of management and have to manage strategically.

One way of addressing this skills gap is to undertake a higher level NVQ (level 7) or an MBA. Whilst these are well respected qualifications they are expensive, generic and often require significant periods of time away from the business.

A highly effective alternative is Chartered Manager. This is the only recognised professional management qualification and can be achieved by focusing almost exclusively on the manager’s business and at a fraction of the cost of the other methods.

ALC can provide a coaching programme for Chartered Manager, tailored to suit individual requirements and based specifically around the needs of your organisation.

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